July 28, 2008

Plus 1

I have to add another song. I skipped it earlier, but I'm re-listening just now and I've decided to share it after all. It's "Turn You Inside Out" by Jimmy Edgar. It's definitely a house track. Listen and download here.

Ok I had a mini freak-out when I tagged the post a few seconds ago because it turns out I've posted about Jimmy Edgar before. No repeat post though. Phew. Last time the song was "I Wanna Be Your STD". Heh. Still cracks me up. Anyway, "Turn You Inside Out" is better than that last one. So go listen.

New Propaganda

I finally have a bit of time to update a little on here. We had my sister's wedding a little while ago and then I was in Munich on vacation and we're still rushing from place to place with the new in-laws. But I'm finally spending my first day at home in a while and got to checking out the new recommendations over at betterPropaganda and boy is it a treasure trove this time around. I already found a whole selection of things that I adore. Have a listen for yourselves.

There's a new Cassettes Won't Listen track called "Freeze and Explode". If you've listened to the other songs by the band I've written about you'll know what they sound like. Otherwise, personally I think the music quite resembles The Postal Service, so it's sort of rock infused with some electronic stuff. See what you think.

The second song I discovered is called "Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second" by Starfucker. Now, if you know me at all, it'll come as no surprise that I get quite the kick out of the band's name. But I'm glad to report that not only the name of both the band and the song rock, but the sound does to. I especially dig the intro. Listen and download here. Also, I saw that there are two songs listed for download but I haven't had a chance to check out the second one. Feel free to report back if it's any good or perhaps, if it blows.

This next one's a little more house/electronica. The song in question is "Sleepyhead" by Passion Pit. It's a very fun ditty. Get it here.

Now Music Go Music is definitely not for everyone. "Light of Love" is kind of a cheese fest I reckon. The music is actually a fair bit like Abba, so if you're in the mood for an updated and fresh interpretation of 70s pop, have a listen. Beware though, this stuff is way catchy.

I forget whether I've posted about Lambchop before, but I reckon not. Anyway. The band makes very mellow rock or I guess indie music. It's a little like Iron & Wine but different enough to make it worth a listen. Lambchop is available here. I particularly recommend "Slipped Dissolved Loosed".

Ok there are many, many more songs. But I think this will do for now. I'm tired of typing. Hah. Hopefully there will be more posts soon. I have a bit more travelling around Switzerland to do first though. Till then!

July 07, 2008

Tyler James 2.0

I've been pretty obsessed with the song "Stay Humble" by Tyler James lately. Till now I had to listen to it on his website, which I posted about a while back. But thanks to my mad googling skills I have found an actual mp3. Sweetness I tell you!

Anyhoodle. I've added the song to my little music player on the right. And if you so choose, you may get it for yourself, as well as the other tracks off of Tyler James's EP, here. All you have to do is scroll down a little until you hit that picture of a kid playing the piano. That's Tyler for you.