January 20, 2009

I wonder

I wonder how discombobulated my mind must be for me to have neglected to write about TV on the Radio this whole time. I've been listening to them for a few years now and love their crazy eclectic brand of music. They mix pretty much any genre imaginable and they do it well. At least I happen to think so. If you don't know them yet, it's high time you listen to some of their stuff. I haven't been able to find anything to download for naught from the newest album called Dear Science, but there are four songs off older albums available here. You should definitely listen to their latest offering though. Their myspace page doesn't have anything usable, but you can listen to all the music on their official site. And if you're too lazy to click on the link, I put "Family Tree" and "Province" in the little player in the top right hand corner of the blog. The first of the two songs is off the newest album and the other one is off of Return to Cookie Mountain, which is also a good one. Anyway I hope you like their stuff. I find it improves on repeated listening.

Also, unrelated, but hopefully of interest. I also added "Drop and Roll" by Breathe Owl Breathe, who I posted about a while back, to the mp3 player. That song is so wonderfully good, that I couldn't not put it on there. If you missed it last time I wrote about it, now's your chance to have a listen anyway.

Alright then, that's it for now. I'm about to head over to betterPropaganda to check out the new stuff.