September 30, 2008

19 or something

You've probably heard Adele's "Hometown Glory" somewhere before. I feel like it's fairly ubiquitous, although maybe I just made that up or maybe, and this seems even more likely, I just wanted to use that word because it is wonderful. In any case. The song is quite great too. If you're one of those types who doesn't know it or someone who has neglected to add it to their music collection, here's your chance.

Set Free Your Only Son

They featured a rather wonderful song on Bones last week. Generally the show could do with a better music supervisor - to be honest there have been quite a few blunders - but every once in a while they pick something pretty fabulous and Katie Gray's "Set Free" is one of those instances. The song seems like pretty standard singer/songwriter indie fare, but you'll notice pretty quickly that it's infused with some traditional indian musical elements (listen to the back-up vocals. awesome.) Anyway. I really like the tune, you should definitely check it out. You can get it here.

Now that we're on the topic of fabulous music. I heard Jeff Hanson for the first time the other day and I was very pleasantly surprised. It's a little strange because he sounds so much like a woman when he's singing. But then again, the music is great, so I think we can safely forget about that little quirk. You can check him out here. I particularly liked "Your Only Son" btw, so be sure to give that a listen. Hope you like it!

September 25, 2008

Re: Jenny Lewis

In publishing that last post it occurred to me that I have made a rather egregious error in neglecting to mention Jenny Lewis' collaboration with the Watson Twins until just now. I really, really, really enjoyed that album (Rabbit Fur Coat). The intro, which sadly I can't find on the internet right now, is fabulous. There are, however, two songs available for you to enjoy right here. If you haven't heard either "Rise Up With Fists!" or "Melt Your Heart" you should definitely check it out.

More Starfucker

I already posted about Starfucker once, but I noticed that there's another song by them that you can get for free on the interwebs. This one's called "Pop Song". Get it here.

There was a bunch more stuff that I meant to post about, but I did end up getting a wee bit sidetracked. So I'll probably forget about most of that stuff. No worries though, I'm sure there'll be other stuff coming your way.

Actually I just remembered that I found something off of Jenny Lewis' new album, which will interest you if you know/like Rilo Kiley or Jenny Lewis' previous collaboration with the Watson Twins. In any case, the song is "Acid Tongue" and it's off the eponymous album, her sophomore solo effort. You can listen and download here.