September 30, 2008

Set Free Your Only Son

They featured a rather wonderful song on Bones last week. Generally the show could do with a better music supervisor - to be honest there have been quite a few blunders - but every once in a while they pick something pretty fabulous and Katie Gray's "Set Free" is one of those instances. The song seems like pretty standard singer/songwriter indie fare, but you'll notice pretty quickly that it's infused with some traditional indian musical elements (listen to the back-up vocals. awesome.) Anyway. I really like the tune, you should definitely check it out. You can get it here.

Now that we're on the topic of fabulous music. I heard Jeff Hanson for the first time the other day and I was very pleasantly surprised. It's a little strange because he sounds so much like a woman when he's singing. But then again, the music is great, so I think we can safely forget about that little quirk. You can check him out here. I particularly liked "Your Only Son" btw, so be sure to give that a listen. Hope you like it!

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