November 09, 2008

mirror's edge

I don't really have much to report on the music front because I've spent too much of my free time recently watching unhealthy amounts of House. Seriously. I've seen every episodes ever. Seasons 1 through 4 including all that's been on so far in season 5. It's not right. But shit happens when you have too much time.

On a side note and completely irrelevant, but, my parents' computer has a German keyboard and now that I'm back on my laptop I find myself mixing up the z and y, as well as the ' and - keys. The number of times I've written zou instead of you in this post is slowlz (SEEEEE) driving me insane. I despise German kezboards thoroughly. Ok I did it on purpose that time, but still.

Anyway to get to the reason I decided to post: I finally got around to playing the Mirror's Edge demo yesterday and it made me remember how much I liked the music from the trailers. So I've been browsing the interwebs to find a sound sample. I've found the music, but nothing to download just yet. But in case you were wondering: the theme song Still Alive is sung my someone called Lisa Miskovsky (who is Swedish or something, I forget now). It's pretty definitely pop-type fare, but with a good dose of mellow electronic music over the top. What I really want to get my hands on is the score sans vocals, but until then, if you do want to have a listen to this stuff, you can find it here.