May 27, 2008

A Dream

They featured another song by Priscilla Ahn on last week's season finale of Grey's Anatomy and the song, called "A Dream", is really good again. I think Ahn's voice is just lovely. The song's a sort of melancholy little pop tune and it features strings (yay!). If you'd like to have a listen and download it, you can do so here.

May 22, 2008

Millennium Mambo

I can't remember when I saw Millennium Mambo exactly, but it must have been some time towards the beginning of my time at college. The movie was bizarre to say the least, the kind of film that you only ever want to see once, but that sticks with you for a long time. The plot wasn't very memorable, but the audio visual experience was definitely unique. The whole movie is driven by a very slow electronic soundtrack and especially the beginning and end sequences stand out on account of the music. Obviously, considering that we're talking about a rather obscure Chinese movie here, the music isn't widely available. I did finally manage to find that song from the film's intro. If you'd like a listen to trippy electronica song called "A Pure Person", click here.

May 20, 2008

Tyler James

I heard this song called "Stay Humble" a while back and finally figured out it was by a guy whose name is Tyler James. Now, unfortunately I haven't been able to find it anywhere to download, but at least we can still listen to it. Either at Tyler James' official site or his myspace page. The song, in case you were wondering, is sort of an indie folksy pop ditty. I guess I listen to a lot of that kind of stuff, so it's pretty similar to a lot of my other recommendations in the past. Tell me if you think it sucks (or kicks butt, whichever).

May 19, 2008

Mates of State

BetterPropaganda has featured another awesome song this month. Although I haven't really liked the other songs by Mates of State that I've heard so far, "My Only Offer" is really cool. It's just a cute little pop/rock song that I think should be generally pleasing. Listen and download here.

May 18, 2008

Classical Music

As you might or might not (if you don't personally know me, probably the latter) know, I'm a pretty big fan of classical music. I have a pretty limited selection on my computer, which includes all the important things like the famous Christmas masses and a bevy of other really famous works. Classical music is pretty much the only kind of music I will also listen to on the radio. If you've been in Europe before, you'll know that regular radio stations here suck pretty bad, but the Classical music stations are much more enjoyable. In fact, there's a radio station called Radio Swiss Classic (the name is awful, but the music is quite the opposite) that plays absolutely wonderful music and it's commercial free. The announcements are in German and French or Italian (so if you don't speak any of those languages, you're a bit out of luck), but you can obviously still enjoy the music. Now the really great thing is that you can listen to the station online. Yay! And another good thing is that you can view the site in English (or German or French or Italian), so your potential lack of language knowledge won't be a factor. Now I think it's about time you checked out the station:

Radio Swiss Classic

May 14, 2008

Alone on a Bicycle for Two

I'm still riding that wave of happy summer-time music and it's good. I've added a bunch of Paolo Nutini to my playlist. There are quite a few songs off his album "These Streets" that are really great. I'm particularly fond of "New Shoes" and "Loving You". Actually there are other songs on that album that are rather splendid too. Unfortunately I don't know a place where you can download songs straight away, but I suggest you stop by Paolo's official site or his myspace to check him out, if you're not familiar with his music.

I also got some music by a lovely little duo called She & Him. The band is made up of a guy called M. Ward and a girl, she's pretty famous mind you, called Zooey Deschanel. I think we've all heard her sing in Elf or on various other occasions and I'd been hoping that she'd have enough sense to make a full length album, which she now has. Yay. So, I kind of forgot about Miss Deschanel's singing chops until I was watching this week's episode of Bones, which saw her real life sister belt out a tune (she's not half bad either) - in any case, I did a bit of snooping and found out about She & Him. Their debut album "Volume One" is quite charming. It's really very different from most anything else out there, but then that was to be expected, seeing as the she part of the band seems to be kind of cooky, in an endearing way. On that note, I suggest you have a listen to some of the tunes on "Volume One". Here's the band's official website and here's their myspace page. That should keep you busy enough.

May 12, 2008


Today our neighbor's dog Space mauled another neighbor's cat. It was really awful. So to kind of get over it I decided to listen to some of the really cheery music that you can only really truly enjoy on a warm summer day and I found this:

"Simple Things" by dbClifford. It was featured on Brothers & Sisters (a truly fantastic show if you haven't seen it) some time last season and it's one of those really happy songs that lifts your mood pretty much instantly. If you're in need of some mood lifting, check the song out here. Here's db's myspace in case you want to see what his other songs are like.

Hope you enjoy.

May 07, 2008

Two Things

Haven't found much new music lately, save for two tunes I discovered thanks to Grey's. The first one's sort of a pop ditty, you know the kind that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside and that's kind of empowering. Well, Sara Melson's "Feel It Coming" is sort of like that. Check it out here.

The other song I'm liking a lot lately is "Buildings & Mountains" by The Republic Tigers. With a band name like that your song has got to be a little bit cool, right? I happen to think it is. It's a pretty mellow rock type song with an awesome melody and the chorus gets really fun too. Also there's crazy keyboards or something. Reminds me of "War on Sound" by the Moonbabies. Have a listen.

Ok speaking of the Moonbabies. That song "War on Sound" really, freakin' rocks my socks. It's a really fun song. Definitely check it out.