May 07, 2008

Two Things

Haven't found much new music lately, save for two tunes I discovered thanks to Grey's. The first one's sort of a pop ditty, you know the kind that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside and that's kind of empowering. Well, Sara Melson's "Feel It Coming" is sort of like that. Check it out here.

The other song I'm liking a lot lately is "Buildings & Mountains" by The Republic Tigers. With a band name like that your song has got to be a little bit cool, right? I happen to think it is. It's a pretty mellow rock type song with an awesome melody and the chorus gets really fun too. Also there's crazy keyboards or something. Reminds me of "War on Sound" by the Moonbabies. Have a listen.

Ok speaking of the Moonbabies. That song "War on Sound" really, freakin' rocks my socks. It's a really fun song. Definitely check it out.

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