May 14, 2008

Alone on a Bicycle for Two

I'm still riding that wave of happy summer-time music and it's good. I've added a bunch of Paolo Nutini to my playlist. There are quite a few songs off his album "These Streets" that are really great. I'm particularly fond of "New Shoes" and "Loving You". Actually there are other songs on that album that are rather splendid too. Unfortunately I don't know a place where you can download songs straight away, but I suggest you stop by Paolo's official site or his myspace to check him out, if you're not familiar with his music.

I also got some music by a lovely little duo called She & Him. The band is made up of a guy called M. Ward and a girl, she's pretty famous mind you, called Zooey Deschanel. I think we've all heard her sing in Elf or on various other occasions and I'd been hoping that she'd have enough sense to make a full length album, which she now has. Yay. So, I kind of forgot about Miss Deschanel's singing chops until I was watching this week's episode of Bones, which saw her real life sister belt out a tune (she's not half bad either) - in any case, I did a bit of snooping and found out about She & Him. Their debut album "Volume One" is quite charming. It's really very different from most anything else out there, but then that was to be expected, seeing as the she part of the band seems to be kind of cooky, in an endearing way. On that note, I suggest you have a listen to some of the tunes on "Volume One". Here's the band's official website and here's their myspace page. That should keep you busy enough.

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