May 18, 2008

Classical Music

As you might or might not (if you don't personally know me, probably the latter) know, I'm a pretty big fan of classical music. I have a pretty limited selection on my computer, which includes all the important things like the famous Christmas masses and a bevy of other really famous works. Classical music is pretty much the only kind of music I will also listen to on the radio. If you've been in Europe before, you'll know that regular radio stations here suck pretty bad, but the Classical music stations are much more enjoyable. In fact, there's a radio station called Radio Swiss Classic (the name is awful, but the music is quite the opposite) that plays absolutely wonderful music and it's commercial free. The announcements are in German and French or Italian (so if you don't speak any of those languages, you're a bit out of luck), but you can obviously still enjoy the music. Now the really great thing is that you can listen to the station online. Yay! And another good thing is that you can view the site in English (or German or French or Italian), so your potential lack of language knowledge won't be a factor. Now I think it's about time you checked out the station:

Radio Swiss Classic

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