March 03, 2008

Chaotic Eulogies

Dig "One Man" by Eulogies. The bridge is great. Listen and download here.

Also found this song called "Sunday Morning" by K-Os (pronounced chaos, apparently). It's a little hip-hop, but still melodic. Different from other stuff on here. Listen and download.

Andrew Bird has been on my list of favs for a while now I'd say and I just found another song that I hadn't really listened to over at betterPropaganda. The song's called "Nervous Tic". Listen and download here. There are two other songs, namely "Heretics" and "Lull" available for d/l at the same place. Hope you like.

Finally, was listening to The Owls a few minutes ago. Their song "Air" is quite lovely. It's pretty mellow, which is always nice. They're kind of similar to Andrew Bird actually. Available here.

Edit: You know after re-listening to The Owls, I think I have to take that thing about them sounding just a faint bit like Andrew Bird back. They really don't at all. Although I reckon if you like him, then you might like them too. However, whichever band member does the lead vocals for "Air" does sound quite a bit like Dolores O'Riordan, at least when she sings the chorus. In any case, the song is just lovely, so listen to it!

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