March 01, 2008

You Sissy Scandinavian

I dunno if you've noticed, but Scandinavians kind of rock in the music department. For starters there's the Norwegians: Kate Havnevik has been a huge favorite of mine for a long time now (thanks Grey's for introducing me). You can listen and download here. I think her best song is "New Day", but each song is kind of different and it's nice to just discover the different nuances to each one.

Speaking of Norwegians. I'm also digging Sissy Wish's song "Dwts". Listen and download from here. It's a pretty light and happy song. Good stuff.

In other Scandinavian news, Jens Lekman still rocks my socks. He feels like something out of the 50s, but cookier. I don't think he's for everyone. But just have a listen and if you like you can download from here. I was just trying to think of a favorite song - can't think of one though. Depends on what you're in the mood for.

ALSO: Now, I have absolutely no idea how and when I happened upon the Kings of Convenience. However, they're great. I have the Four Tet remix of their song "Weight of My Words" on my computer and I want to have its babies. Here's the band's official site. I'm sure there's some music on there. Here's their space if you'd prefer. I found a 30 second sample of the particular song I like over at Amazon (you can also buy it there) and here's Four Tet's instrumental remix at youTube. Enjoy.

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