April 04, 2008

Awesome Instrumentals + Bjork

I forget how I stumbled upon this, but if you haven't seen Bjork's video for her song "Wanderlust" go do it here. It's crazy. Mind you it'll take a while to load because it's really big, but so worth it.

Moving on to the instrumentals part of the post. I found two folk/experimental instrumentals recently and though I'd share. The first one is "Continental Drift" by Harris Newman and the other one is "Lantern Medley" by Clogs. As I said they're sort of experimental folk, which is kind of an interesting mix. I suppose the best thing to do is to just listen yourselves and see what you think.

Incidentally the score for There Will Be Blood just came on and it kind of goes pretty well with the two instrumentals I just mentioned. The score's really unique in any case, if you haven't seen the movie or heard the music, try to see if you can catch a listen somewhere on the net, it's well worth it.

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