April 11, 2008


I was feeling the need for some new electronica/house type stuff yesterday, so I headed on over to betterPropaganda and ended up finding a couple of things that I like. Here's the list:

Probably the best thing I found was Grandadbob. I like the name and that always helps, but beyond that the music is very cool. It's pretty good chill background music. Listen and download here. I like "City Approach" more than "Maybe", but they're definitely both worth a listen.

Next up I should mention John Tejada. His song "Alone With You" isn't quite as good as the Grandadbob stuff above and to be honest, if you're not a big fan of electronic music/house music in general, this song might literally drive you insane. It's one of those endlessly repetitive songs, which personally I think make for some brilliant background music when you're in the mood, but I do know a lot of people who really hate this kind of stuff. Best thing to do, would probably be to have a listen yourself and see how you feel about it.

In my quest yesterday I also stumbled upon a little song called "Slippage" by Landshark. Stylistically, I'd say it's about the same as "Alone With You", so steer clear if repetitive themes and slow progressions annoy the crap out of you, if not, it's available here.

I actually found Barbara Morgenstern a while back, but never posted about her, because, well, her song "The Operator" is, objectively speaking, really kind of stupid. But, for inexplicable reasons, I've grown rather fond of it. The German accent in the English bits (yeah, the main lyrics are all in German and the chorus is in English) is unnerving at best, to me anyway, and yet, it's all strangely lovely. I hope you don't hate it. Listen here.

Finally, since we're on the topic of good electronic music, I have to write about my all time favorite song in this genre. If you know me at all and have had the "good fortune" to attend nams-a-palooza or any other party I've thrown, you will have heard this song and probably found yourself thinking, wow! this is awesome! Ok you probably didn't really pay any attention, but, irregardless, the song's good. I'm talking about Chicane's "Red Skies" of course. Check it out here. I've loved this song for a good number of years now and hope you'll like it too.

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