April 08, 2008

Update Update

I've been meaning to post this stuff for literally about two weeks I think, but somehow, I've always managed to avoid. However, I'm currently waiting for CSI:NY to load and it's being painfully slow. Seems like as good a time as any to kick my ass and write this biznatch. Now, if I remember things correctly all of the songs I'm posting about were featured on Grey's at some point or another (pretty recently, I'd say). A fair number of them are more girl-oriented I should think, but in any case, I like them, so here they are.

First off there's The Cake Sale's "Some Surprise". It's a really sweet song. But then again, with a name like The Cake Sale, can your music be anything other than sweet? The song's pretty standard Indie Pop-Rock. Find it here. Also check out the rest of the band's music at their official site, if you feel like it. Report back if it's any good, I haven't had a chance to check it out yet.

Next up is Katie Herzig. Her song "Sweeter Than This" is also a pretty saccharine sweet pop ditty. By the way, the singer's last name means cute in Swiss-German. Little factoid you can, nay, should use to impress your friends. Listen to it here or check out her site/myspace if you want to find out more.

Ben's Brother was also featured on the show, specifically their song "Let Me Out". It's your pretty standard pop/rock fare, but it's very nice. Check it out here. Also, seeing as I've been so friggin' lazy about updating, I've had the chance to listen to the rest of their album and it's quite nice overall. I'm fond of the harmonica interlude they have, but that might just be me. If you get the chance to listen to more of their stuff, do!

Finally I wanted to mention "From My Heart to Yours" by Laura Izibor. This girl is a pop/soul (personally I think emphasis on the soul) singer from Dublin. Random, but if the music's good, then what gives. See if you like it for yourselves, here or see her site and myspace.

Alright that's it. Finally!

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