March 15, 2009

Piers Faccini

I've added another little tune to the player. It's called "A Storm is Going to Come" and it's by Piers Faccini, who apparently is French, but the song is in English. It was on Grey's Anatomy this past week, that show has really kind of gone to hell in a hand basket, let's hope that nonsense ends soon - and by that I mean either the ridiculousness or if there's no other option, the show. The music has always been good though, so I guess that would be a slight shame. In any case, the Piers Faccini song is pretty much nowhere to be found online. The album that it's on, Two Grains of Sand, won't be released until later this month, which probably explains, why the song is MIA. I hope listening to it will do for now though. Until soon.

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