March 23, 2009


There seems to have been a veritable plethora of visitors to the blog lately (or at least that's what Google Analytics tells me). I wonder what inspired the recent increase in interest. Leave a comment if you can enlighten me on that subject.

In music news: Last week's Chuck (by now you really can't be surprised at me bringing that show up any more) had a great Bloc Party song called "Signs" at the end of the episode. Now, normally I'm not a huge fan of Bloc Party, which sort of confirmed itself for me when I listened to their album Intimacy all the way through. There are a few great songs on there, but all in all it was just a little too much for me. That being said, "Signs" is such a terrific song, that it can't go unmentioned.

I just spent a good 10 minutes trying to find the song online and I finally got lucky. Hehe. The link's in Hebrew, but the song is there. Go get it here. I also chanced upon two remixes of "Signs" - the first one's here and there's another one here. The latter is less good, but that's just my opinion. Have a listen yourselves and see what you think.

The other band or rather duo I wanted to talk about is Mackintosh Braun. I reckon they were featured on Chuck as well, but I can't remember whether that's correct now. Either way, Mackintosh Braun plays some seriously awesome electronica. I really like the whole of their album The Sound, but for obvious reasons it would be a bit excessive to wax poetic about each song individually. Instead I will just direct you here, where you can listen to and download "Good So Far" (it's the fifth one from the top, right-click on the track to download), which is one of many, many great tracks on the album.

Hope you like everything :)

Edit: You can get two more Mackintosh Braun songs here.

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