March 19, 2010

I can always do that reading later...

I decided to take some time and look for new music after all. I certainly have enough reading on Financial Accounting and tax law to do, but it's just not as rewarding as listening to music, as I'm sure pretty much anyone on the face of this planet can agree. As per usual I stopped by betterPropaganda to see what's new and it turns out that I found two songs that are rather great straight away. The first one is called "Symphonies" and it's by Dan Black featuring Kid Cudi. It's Pop with a healthy dose of Hip-Hop and some Electronics beats thrown in for good measure. It's sort of mellow, but also kind of sweeping and generally awesome. I reckon it's a good track to play when the party's winding down. Have a listen and/or download it here.

Next up we have a song by Local Natives. I wrote about them once before. I think they used one of their songs on the TV show Chuck some time last season maybe, but I can't quite remember now. Anyway, the band plays rock, but makes excellent use of orchestral melodies and harmonies. The combination of these elements makes for a really reach listening experience. It's probably best if you have a listen yourselves. Check out "Sun Hands" over here.

"Symphonies" by Dan Black featuring Kid Cudi
Un, 2010

"Sun Hands" by Local Natives
Gorilla Manor, 2010

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