February 16, 2008


Meiko's another artist that definitely deserves to get a mention on here. Her debut album, which you can listen to in full on her official website, is almost uniformly fantastic. The music is very melodic and mellow, which is just up my alley, but beyond that she has strings! That's something that is always a big draw for me and you'll notice this as I post more things on here. Actually, Let's Go Sailing, who were already featured also fit into this category. Anyway, here's Meiko's myspace in case you'd rather listen to her excellent work on there.

It's hard to pick, which Meiko songs I like best, but I think "Hawaii", "Reasons to Love", "Heard It All Before" and "Under My Bed" are probably my favorites. All of the songs just have a little special something about them and I reckon the best part is just finding that little something that appeals to you personally. Right now I'm listening to "Sleep" and I suddenly find myself very intrigued by it... So I guess, you'd better listen to everything and see for yourself. Hope you enjoy!

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