March 14, 2008

Mood Lifters

For reasons unbeknownst to me (ok so I really do know, but we're not gonna get into it here) I've been a little blue lately and to remedy this, I had a look through my music library to find some uplifting stuff. Mostly funk influenced things, some old stuff mostly. In the process, though, I found some cool things that I think everyone should know about.

Right now, My Morning Jacket came on. I don't think they're very famous or anything, but definitely worth a listen. It's not exceptionally cheerful music, but there's something to it that makes it very enjoyable. I particularly recommend "Wordless Chorus" and "Off the Record" - I'd say the second one's even slightly more upbeat than the former. Both are good though. Well as it turns out, My Morning Jacket aren't over at betterPropaganda. Dang. I wonder where the hell I got them from?! If you feel like listening to them you can still do so at their official site or their myspace. I'm quite pissed they're not at betterPropaganda, I thought for sure they were. Oh well, whatcha gonna do?

On to greener pastures. Mike Doughty is definitely available for download (and it's free!) right here. I've had "Looking at the World from the Bottom of the Well" on my computer for ages and it's good, but I just listened to "27 Jennifers" for the first time today and it's great. Very cheery methinks. Check it out!

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