March 13, 2008

Lots more new stuff and some old

I literally have a bevy of new stuff to post about. Went on a music spree the other day and found a whole bunch of new tunes that I like. Here they are. Neon Neon's "I Lust U" is definitely in the pop/electronica genre. It's a fun little ditty. Listen and download here.

Next there is "Rockist Pt. 4" by School of Language, which you can download here. This one, and I'm sure the title of the track clued you in to this, is a rock song.

"Baby C'mon" by Stephen Malkmus is sort of in the same vein as "Rockist Pt. 4". Listen and download here.

Tapes 'n Tapes's "Hang The Mall" also goes well with the previous two songs. Listen and download here.

Next we have Scott Thorough's remix of "Paper Float" by Cassettes Won't Listen. This one's a little more mellow, courtesy of the remix. Listen and download here. I just saw that there are an additional three tracks available at the same link. I haven't listened to them, but will be shortly.

And just to get back to some bands that I've written about pretty incessantly lately... First off, Vampire Weekend. I mentioned these guys in conjunction with their appearance on SNL in early March (if I haven't somehow conned you into watching the spoof of Bravo, you better do it here). In any case, one of the songs they played was "A-Punk", which, on closer listening, I think is quite awesome. I haven't found a place to download it for free, but if you have some extra time I recommend going to listen to it somewhere on the great interwebs.

Back to Hot Hot Heat, I had a closer listen to the other songs of theirs over at betterPropaganda and if you haven't checked them out fully yet, you should definitely listen to "Middle of Nowhere" here. As usual you can also download it there.

Last, but not least. I've spent some more time getting to know The Maccabees and I have to say that they're quite good! So apart from having that wonderful song "Toothpaste Kisses" that I'm still in love with, I now also fancy "Happy Faces". Not sure about this, but it should be available for you to listen to at their official site, in case you haven't acquainted yourself with their music.

Alright, I reckon that's that for this rather lengthy update. Hope you like, be sure to tell me if you thought something really blew. Peace.

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