July 09, 2009

Hilltop Hoods and Tone Matrix Extravaganza

A little over a week ago a very good friend of mine asked me to send him some more songs by a really cool Aussie group called Hilltop Hoods. They're a hip-hop act. My other friend Ingers (check his blog) had told me about them, probably about a year ago and I have to say that they're still great to listen to. Evidently Viraj a.k.a. first friend a.k.a. not-Ingers agrees.

The point of that very long winded prelude is that I should write about Hilltop, which I'm obviously doing now. Logic is not my strong suit today. I think I might be too tired. Be that as it may here's "The Hard Road Restrung".

I've been searching the interwebs for good places to get some more Hilltop Hoods tracks, but I have found absolutely nothing. You'll have to purchase things on iTunes or Amazon or what have you. I hope you like the Hilltop stuff. Personally, I go through phases where I listen to lots of hip-hop and if you've ever read this blog before you'll be well informed of my infatuation with strings. So clearly and hip-hop artist who decides to re-record an entire record with full accompaniment from an orchestra is more than fine by me. If you wanna read some more about Hilltop you can go here.

Now this is entirely unrelated. But I found an awesome toy today. It's called the Tone Matrix and what it is, is a simple sinewave synthesizer. Or so the website tells me. In any case, it lets you make very short musical samples. It's fun. To say the least. Go check it out yourselves and if anyone uses this thing as a basis for a bigger musical project, report back, because I would like to see how that turns out. I found the link to this baby over at That's Also Truuuue.

Tone Matrix

Edit: This is entirely unrelated to music - rice paddy art is cool.


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